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History of the
Silverton First Aid Squad

The Silverton First Aid Squad was organized in April 1964, by Jerry Geoghegan, Thomas Garner, Theodore Gutches, Joseph Clayton, and John Lawler, who recognized the need for such a necessary community service. Jerry Geoghegan and John Lawler were both Dover Township Police Officers at this time. Through their efforts, the squad was officially formed. The squad received a donated 1952 Cadillac ambulance and began answering calls 24 hours a day on May 30, 1964. During the first year of service, members answered 110 calls. Since the squad had no headquarters, meetings were held in member's homes. On August 16, 1964, the squad purchased a 1964 International ambulance and since that time a new Cadillac had been added. In 1965, the squad through generous support of the community was able to realize a dream come true, the construction of the first squad building in our present location. Our membership totaled 22 who where on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. During the year 1967, 207 calls were answered. The squad continued its operation up until January 1989 when we suffered a very tragic loss. The Silverton First Aid building and a van ambulance were completely destroyed by fire. Our other two rigs were saved thanks to the heroic efforts of Debbie Franzoso (squad captain at the time). She literally drove both rigs through the garage doors. Debbie was treated and released with smoke inhalation. Through the exhausting efforts of the community, Pleasant Plains First Aid, the Silverton Fire Company, the dedicated members of the squad and individuals from private sectors including John DeGeorge and the many other contractors, our squad building was rebuilt and continues to house our members and equipment to this day. During this tragic event, the squad was out of service for only 1 day.

Today, the squad had a beautiful building, 30 members, 4 vehicles, logs over 20,000 miles and answers over 1000 calls a year. We continue to maintain our mission statement which is to provide our community with unparalleled pre-hospital emergency care, through the highest standards of training and dedicated professionalism. Thanks to the efforts of Kevin Geoghegan, we welcome back and currently house our original 1964 ambulance which had been reconditioned to its original state. We have an in-house computer system which was designed by Bill Pennie to outline the latest statistics for our various calls to service, vehicle maintenance issues, educational training requirements, and personnel records. This system is currently being examined by other squads. Our dedicated members continue to serve the residents of Silverton and the Township of Dover with outstanding pride and professionalism.

We must also say "Thank you" to the many other organizations that make our success possible and we would like to acknowledge them for their continued support. These organizations include the Silverton Fire Company, the District #2 Fire Commissioners, the Dover Township Police, Dover Township Fire Dispatchers, neighboring first aid squads, Dover Township CSO's and the residents of Silverton.